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Find, Fix, Accelerate, and Prevent Threats to Your Website

Protect your website from threats by running run a daily scan of your website using our SMART tool.


Maintain your company’s reputation by securing your website

Your website could be vulnerable to malware, viruses, or even hackers! SiteLock will run daily scans of your website. If any threats or malware are found, it will be removed by our team. Not only will we remove these threats, we will help you prevent it from happening again.

daily website scans


SiteLock will run a daily scan of your website using SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool). It will give you an in-depth daily analysis of your website to detect and remove hidden malware along with any malicious or suspicious files.

daily website scans


If any vulnerabilities from malware are found on your website, SiteLock will immediately remove them from your site. SiteLock uses their proprietary SMART (Secure Malware Alert & Removal Tool) system.

daily website scans


SiteLock is compatible with every hosting environment. The 360-degree scanning technology is cloud based, which means we can begin scanning your website as soon as your enter your domain.

Secure your website and online reputation today with SiteLock

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